By Hanok Kasama

Revival Prayer Network director Max Nalumango commended the police officers who were attacked in Katet for exercising restraint.

Bishop Nalumango says the police officers’ restraint in not shooting attackers is a testament to the spiritual revival in the nation.

He said this in an interview with ZNBC News.

Bishop Nalumango noted that many lives could have been lost if the police had acted harshly.

Bishop Nalumango says prayer is a catalyst for solving some of the challenges Zambia faces.

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NALUMANGO admired the innovations of the youth~

Vice President MUTALE NALUMANGO said she was impressed with the level of innovation among the youth who participated in the just-concluded 2022 Africa Innovation Ministerial Summit in Chongwe.

Ms. NALUMANGO says the government’s focus on youth is paying off through innovations being created by young people.

Speaking as the summit closed, Ms. NALUMANGO called on the private sector to partner with the government to encourage innovators.

Ms. NALUMANGO said that technological advancement will only come with the strengthening of the partnership between the private sector and the government.

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Written by Ruth China

Vice President MUTALE NALUMANGO urged the Department of Energy and regulators to ensure rapid fuel distribution in the affected areas.

Ms Nalumango says the reason for the erratic fuel supply in some areas is the slow delivery of the commodity to some parts of the country.

The Vice President said this in Parliament today when answering a question posed by Lundazi Member of Parliament Brenda Nairinda, who wanted to know what the government was doing to address the fuel shortage in her constituency.

Ms. NALUMANGO said the government continues to put in place policies that will boost production in the mining sector to enable it to reach 3 million metric tons of copper production in the next ten years.

She was responding to a question from Mufulira GOLDEN MWILA MP who wanted to know why mining companies had reduced their production, but the government kept giving them incentives.

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By Hanok Kasama

Vice President MUTALE NALUMANGO said that the distribution of agricultural inputs for the 2022/2023 agricultural season is likely to spread to most parts of the country next week.

Ms NALUMANGO says the government is aware that farmers are eager to receive inputs as the rains begin.

She was responding to some MPs who had raised concerns about delays in the distribution of inputs, during the time of the Vice President’s questions in Parliament.

Some of the MPs who have engaged the Vice President on the late distribution of agricultural inputs are MUTOTWE KAFWAYA from LUNTE and EMMANUEL BANDA from PETAUKE.

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PF Pocket Meal Suits But They Call Their Witch Hunt Arrests – Nalumango

Vice President Motali Nalumango said the PFLP has stripped and seized college students’ meal allowances, but they cry when the law visits them. Vice President Nalumango rallied support for the UPND candidate in the upcoming Muinsei Council Speaker’s by-election, asking voters not to listen to “those who have received meal allowances”. Palestinian police forces stripped of meal allowances, saying there was not enough money to continue providing and receiving meal allowances. But one can ask, as in, how there was not enough money when the money was borrowed. They used to profit on their own but when they are caught now they cry dirty suggesting it is a witch hunt targeting Bemba. But have you been benefiting yourselves…

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